My mind is going crazy. I cannot focus. Please help.

We want to focus.

We know where to focus.

But we cannot focus.

No, right?

You cannot effin’ stop it.

What will you do to cool down the boiling water?

A Slow Method

A Fast Method

We will exactly do the same thing with our minds.


How to reduce the Heat? → Step 1

Imagine the bubbles of thoughts slowly subsiding, and the water becoming silent and calm. Imagine. Imagine.

Master this step 1.

You can do it faster. Dissipating the Heat. → Step 2

Imagine, you breathe in from the left nose, the oxygen goes up into the brain, the mind, it dissolves all the heat, all the thoughts, all the data. Breathe out through the right nose, and imagine it is taking all the heat out with it.

Imagine this picture in your mind.

Keep on doing this, till your mind becomes calm.

Be grateful for everything.

Thank everyone and everything around you.

Then, again focus on your goal, and keep moving ahead.



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