How to be a Happy Edupreneur?

Who is an edupreneur?

Who is an entrepreneur?

  • Solves a problem in society and, adds value to the society.
  • Builds a proper team for the goal, and creates employment opportunities.
  • Makes a dedicated process towards the growth of the product and the team.

What should be the mentality of a Happy Entrepreneur?

Two Equivalent Theories of Business, I follow

Simon Sinek’s Start With Why

  • Why → The Goal
  • What → Specify the Goal
  • How → The Process and the Team

3 Ps of Business

  • Product → Your Why, The Problem’s Solution
  • People → Internal People, External People
  • Process → A Well Defined Process

3D1P →The Theory of Resource Management

  • People
  • Time

The 3D1P Theory for Process and People Management

  • Define → Define the tasks explicitly, aligned with the goal.
  • (People) Divide → Distribute the tasks among the workforce.
  • (Time) Deadline → Give a deadline to the tasks.
  • Progress → Check Progress. (This is boring, but a decisive step to evaluate the team.)

How to make the product better?

  • Hit and Trial with the ideas.
  • Take feedback from the customers and people around you.
  • Be consistent.

How to startup?

Step 0

Don’t stay hungry.

Step 1

Find a Problem.

  • Geography is not taught in the best possible illustrative way.
  • Mathematics can be made fun using animation and studies.
  • Music is not taught online in an effective and interesting way.
  • Preparation for jobs is not fun and enjoyable.

Every job opportunity builds an opportunity for a teacher to teach a person on how to get into that job.

  • Talk to people to understand the problems.
  • Build an account on Linkedin, to connect to such people.
  • Observe what people are doing around you.
  • Observe what people are not doing around you, but it is important.
  • Bravo, go ahead and start experimenting.

Step 2

Test your ideas.

How will a shopkeeper understand whether a new product is good or bad?

  • He/She must set up a shop so that people can easily find it out.
  • He/She must test it out himself/herself.
  • He/She must make the product available for a minimal cost, to check it out, if the customers are liking it or not. Is it really effective?
  • He/She must go ahead on making the product available more, attract more customers, place better competitive prices on it.

How can an edupreneur test and build it out?

Build a shop, people can find it out easily.

Build Content for Free according to your niche.

Accept the Truth

Go ahead, and build it.

  • Ask them, what are mistakes you are making.
  • Ask them, what can be improved.
  • Take feedback.

Remember the following.

Content Build Relationships.

Relationships build Trust.

Trust generates Revenue.

Build the customer database by a Call To Action.

  • Build Whatsapp Groups
  • Build Telegram Groups
  • Build Email List
  • Build Facebook Groups
  • Build your Followers

Measure your Progress

If you have lost your focus, then you are not measuring your progress.

If you are not measuring your progress, you have lost focus.

Build yourself, and your product.

All the best.



A whys gent, who seeks liberation by the medium of sharing.

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